Cenna: We will only recognize the strongest Zealandia

His Radiance Haerpyer Velaryo, Cenna of Lycem, has declared today on the Zealandia Issue “We [Lycem] will only recognize the strongest Zealandia […] for it is deemed by Lycene law, if two of the same encounter, they shall fight to prove their value”. Indeed, as it is found in Lycene mythological law, the two Zealandias must fight with each other to prove which one deserves recognition and glory in victory.

The issue began when President Haakon Lindström of Zealandia declared himself ‘Grand Duke of Zealandia’ in a coup d’état that would turn the Federal Republic of Zealandia into a monarchy, raising the Zealandian crown of House Lindström once again. Lindström alleged his statskapp was made because the ruling government in Zealandia, leaded by Alexander Whitmarsh was too complicated, quoting “almost as complicated as that of Belgium”. As well, Lindström alleged he felt as “the only currently elected official who actually does work for the nation”.

Although Lindström let everyone know he “will not let Zealandia end up a grey blur due to Belgiumifacation”, that didn’t stop King Ciprian I of Juclandia, Yaroslav Mar of Lostisland and Volfym of Sandus from having a declaration laugh and found the Triarchy of Zealandia, mocking Lindström’s coup and creating a second Zealandia in MicroWiki. The Triarchy’s seriousness is to be doubted, but the Community has decided to step off that train for the sake of the stability of Foreign Affairs offices all over the micronational world.

As Acting Lord of Ears of the Realm, His Radiance Haerpyer has decided, in name of Lycem, to wait for the two Zealandias to debate each other and, if needed, to enter war to tell which one is strongest and most worthy of Lycem’s recognition, as well as other nations that will hopefully follow Lycem’s Lordship of Ears’ actions.

Although King Ciprian of Juclandia has numerous bonds to the Realm of Lycem, no official stance has been made on how this new Triarchy will affect Sabia and Verona, Juclandia and Lycem’s relations.


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