The sun sets in Dragonlair

March has brought many new things to Lycem and Sabya. In the South, Sabya has turned 5 months old, becoming the oldest Garrshirian micronation in the book. In the North, the realm of the obedient brother has ended the first stage of its development, the nym’esuryuk has changed, the golden and red flames that once covered Lycem’s arms are now different, for the night has arrived to Dragonlair. The agamısuryuk, night’s flame, is now the holder of Lycem’s essence. March has marked the convertion of Lycem into a wiser being, the hearts of the Lyceni have joined in one to form a single greater flame, the emerald flame of the passed vespertine, for fire is brighter in the dark. Lycem stands now for the phrase that the cold wind sings when crashing against the torches nailed to the dead soil, when night’s terrors are vanished by my flame.

Agamı nae qašare mıša suryuk daegaryen saeto, night’s terrors vanished by my flame. The tales of Daemon, Lord of Fire are now just the prologue to a much greater story, a much greater divinity and the purity of a pond in tranquility, resting upon a world beyond our existence. An epiphany of long-bearded ancient ghosts, and a significance that is only understood to those who have passed through the smoke of the children of the green land, and seen the colours of the universe joining in one with the pale cascade of the snake’s river. The Regal Council has been entirely dismissed and now the Cenna has say on all areas of the Realm. Plans to extend Lycem’s territory have begun as well, and the possibility of establishing a new system that abolishes the supremacy of Houses in the Lycene society are to be completed in nearby months.


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